Panayi Anabelle

Legal Intern

  Anabelle Panayi as an undergraduate student studied Criminal Psychology at the University of Greenwich. Currently she is an LLB (Hons) final year student at the University of the West of England (Bristol), and a member of the European Cyprus Society Organization. Her academic interest focuses on the legal global tech experience, combined with regulatory…

yiorkas alexios

Advocate & Legal Consultant

Alexios Yiorkas is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. He studied Law and obtained his LLB degree at the University of Central Lancashire. He has been involved in numerous workshops and seminars regarding the areas of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Terrorist Financing (TF) through Illicit Actions, which resulted as a consequence of extensive research…

Ioanna Ioannou

Advocate & Legal Consultant

Ioanna Ioannou is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 2014. She studied law at the University of Cyprus and obtained her LLB degree in 2012. She also acquired a Master’s Degree with specialization in International Business Law from the University of Leeds in England. Prior to joining the firm Mrs. Ioannou worked as…

nicholas nichoalou

Head of Litigation

Nicholas Nicholaou is a member of the Cyprus Bar Asspciation since 2002. He studied law at the Ethniko Kapodistriako University of Athens and obtained his LLB degree in 1999. Afterwards, he acquired an LLM (Master of Laws) from the University of the West of England (Bristol). For more than 20 years, Mr. Nicholaou worked at…

Business Development Manager

Panayiotis Pattichis is a Business Development Manager at Y.Vasiliou & Co LLC. At our firm, Panayiotis is responsible for showcasing and making transparent the value that our firm is able to provide to individuals and corporates. Panayiotis is a holder of a BSc degree from UClan University Cyprus.

Wael Nabwani

Head of Arabic Desk

Wael is the Head of Arabic Desk, who liases and cooperates with Arabic speaking clients, while representing Vasiliou Law.

Yana Kreytor - Img

Executive Assistant

Yana Kreytor is an Executive Assistant at Y.Vasiliou & Co LLC. Mrs. Kreytor is a holder of BSc from Kingston University and MSc from Brunel University London.

christos voniatis

Independent Associate

  Mr. Voniatis has a Bachelor of Laws and postgraduate studies in insurance law from the University of London. He has previously worked in the insurance industry, for more than 20 years, in various positions. He is the director of CV Insurance Seminars & Consultancy and provides high quality services related to insurance matters. His…

Yiannos Vasiliou Cyprus lawyer

Managing Director (LLB, LLM)

Yiannos Vasiliou is the founder and Managing Director of Y.Vasiliou & Co LLC. Mr. Vasiliou is a holder of an LLB (Hons) and LLM (Master of Laws) from the University of Central Lancashire, and is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association.