“Vasiliou Law is one of the newest but extremely perspective Law Firms in Cyprus. I personally know the advisory board of the firm for years, and can surely say that it consists of experienced individuals, who can assist on a wide range of international matters.”

Director, Crunch L
Dmitry YakushevDirector, Crunch Ltd

“Yiannos Vasiliou, as a legal advisor of “Ego o Politis” continuously supports our political party on a wide range of legal aspects. The key reason why we cooperate with Vasiliou Law is due to the fact that all the requirements are executed in a fast and professional manner. “

Vice-President EOP Political Party
Ivan MikhnevichVice-President EOP Political Party

Yiannos Vasiliou is a young but extremely professional lawyer. He is always approachable and separates from other lawyers by providing innovative/ out of the box solutions.

Charbel Chalfoun
Charbel ChalfounOperations Manager Saniour Holding