In layman terms legal due diligence is an investigation of an investment prior to the signing of a contract . This is done to simply make sure you get what you think you are paying for. We strongly recommend that before any acquisition of a business or new investment takes place a due diligence is conducted on all company agreements including a financial due diligence in order to ensure:

  • the legal and financial standing of the target company
  • the ownership to the shares under sale or charge
  • the liabilities and/or obligations, if any, of the target company
  • that the corporate governance obligations are met
  • that a sound method of acquisition is put in place
  • that all company agreements are lawful according to Cypriot Company Law and as such it can be duly registered

Our knowledge and experience in this field provides us with the expertise to advise our clients on the following areas of due diligence:

Company documents due diligence

Competitor due diligence

Target industry due diligence

Operational due diligence

Financial due diligence

We pride ourselves in helping our clients identify any possible legal or financial problems that may arise before any business decisions are made saving our clients both time and money.

When we accept a case to conduct a legal due diligence we will use our large network of associates to ensure that our clients are fully informed of the risks and opportunities of any potential investment. Our expertise include all the documents required during this process such as due diligence request lists, non-disclosure agreements as well as business acquisition templates and much more.